Friday, August 7, 2009

Schumacher Trail (Cascade Valley Park North)

Schumacher Trail - Cascade Valley Park North - Summit County MetroParks

The Metroparks Site rates this trail as a 2 for difficulty. I'd say its more like a 2.5 though. It starts out with a fairly long and level path including a couple of nice bridges.

Then you come to a long circle that takes you downhill pretty slow and steady, then brings you back up a pretty steep incline. The small bench at the top of the hill was a welcome relief after that climb!

Overall, I'd have to call this one of my favorite trails. Beautiful scenery, far from the roads, and just the right difficulty. At only 1.2 miles I think I could have gone a bit longer, but this trail provides a nice little hike.

We brought along some friends and a dog this time, which added some extra fun for us, and the dog seemed to have quite a good time too.

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