Monday, November 16, 2009

Deep Lock Quarry Park - Quarry Trail

1.2 miles, level 2

The big draw of this trail is there used to be a stone quarry here, and there are remnants of that all over the place.

It's pretty fun seeing and climbing on these old pieces of a quarry. I've never really seen anything like this before.

There are nice views all over the place

There's an old abandoned lock you can check out.

This trail is set up a little strange. seeing the entire trail means going over the same places a few different times, it makes a few different loops. It's not too difficult, not too easy. Interesting sights. Fun stuff.

Hampton Hills Park - Spring Hollow Trail

Summit County MetroParks - Hampton Hills Park - Spring Hollow Trail

Metroparks gives this one a 3, but I don't think it deserves it. its a 2 at best. easy terrain, wide trails, not too steep. So overall, not nearly as difficult as they say.

However, even if it doesn't give you a great workout, this trail needs to be seen at least once. breath-takingly beautiful. seriously. wow. just huge wide open spaces everywhere. fantastic.

Gorge Park - Glens Trail

Summit County MetroParks - Gorge Park - Glens Trail

Level 2...1.7 miles.

Beautiful! My favorite features of trails tend to be rocks and water, and this trail is nothing but rocks and water. When starting out, you've got lots of big rocks to your left, water on your right....then you turn around and come back the other way....normally, I'm not big on trails that don't loop, but this one has so many great sights you wont see them all just going in one direction. Great little trail. The only complaints I really have are that some portions of the trail are quite narrow, which makes it pretty difficult to pass people going the opposite direction. Beyond that, love it. Highly recommended.